Sachet Tandon celebrates his birthday with an Instagram Live session for all the Spians Fans!

Sachet and Parampara Tandon have been on a career high composing music for films and making back to back videos for their social media to entertain their fans, also known as Spians. This has given them no alone time and therefore when Sachet’s birthday was around the corner, albeit his first one post marriage, his wife Parampara decided to take him to an isolated area surrounded by peace and nature and their close family and friends.

The simple celebration was indeed the perfect celebration, consisting of good cake, nice music and presence of loved ones, all organised by Parampara. However, not one to ever leave their Spains Fans out, Sachet did conduct an interactive Instagram Live which allowed all their followers to wish them in the virtual way!

When asked as to what his special gift was this year, Sachet said that, “My wife and My Special Fans hi Gift hai life mein. My wife organised a beautiful party in between mountains and lake with my closest friends. We were travelling back to back for concerts. We’ve actually been going through a very hectic schedule.”

“It wasn’t looking like we could go out for a celebration but since it was my first birthday after marriage, everything seemed even more lovely and special. The love and support of our fans is the biggest gift for us. Therefore, I wanted to be with them at least via a live Instagram session to thank them. Big big hug to each one of them for standing by my side in my highs and lows,” he adds.

This is what ideal birthdays are truly made of !



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