Nikhil Dwivedi to now produce a film loosely based on Mamta Kulkarni’s Life!

The rights to Bilal Siddiqui’s book, the Stardust Affair, loosely based on the life of the former actress, Mamta Kulkarni, have been bought by producer, Nikhil Dwivedi. Known as the sex siren of the 90s, Mamta Kulkarni was an absolute icon of her time, with her sensual performances in films making their oomph factor skyrocket.

Nikhil Dwivedi to now produce a film loosely based on Mamta Kulkarni's Life!

The stunner also had a very eventful and tumultuous life, with drama rivalling that of a Bollywood movie, and now, Nikhil Dwivedi is going to bring her character to life on the big screen with a movie that is loosely based on her story.

Although Nikhil has not commented on this yet, a source claims ‘Nikhil has acquired the rights to Bilal Siddiqui’s book, The Stardust Affair which is loosely based on the tumultuous and eventful life of Mamta Kulkarni. Her life and journey is something that almost everyone is aware of, right from being a Bollywood star to becoming a ‘godmother’ to allegedly being Dawood Ibrahim’s girlfriend, Mamta Kulkarni has always been in the headlines. The book will serve as the base for Nikhil’s next production and the producer will release an official announcement once all the formalities are complete.’

Mamta caught our attention with her unapologetic remarks and behaviour. The actress, after disappearing from Bollywood entirely, went on to reveal that she has settled down and is living a very spiritual life in Nairobi, Kenya. However, her name did pop up again, a few years ago, in connection to an alleged drug racket. Siddiqi’s book is based on her life and chronicles the major events and episodes that were a part of her journey, and we are sure that the film will be worth a watch.

‘Work on the film’s script will begin soon after all modalities are locked and once the shoots begin, the team will finalise a leading lady to shoulder the project as well,’ adds the source.


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