Actor Nani Thanks Fan from Maharashtra for Incredible Dasara Rangoli Tribute!

South Indian superstar Nani has always been known for his humility and gratitude towards his fans; his recent social media post is proof of that. The actor shared a video of a group of fans from Maharashtra creating a massive Rangoli artwork for his upcoming film, Dasara releasing on 30th of March.

Actor Nani Thanks Fan from Maharashtra for Incredible Dasara Rangoli Tribute!

The fans’ dedication and creativity in creating the artwork left everyone in awe, and the video quickly went viral on social media. Nani was touched by the fan’s gesture and thanked him for their love and support.

He said, “I am deeply moved by the love and dedication of my fans, and this incredible rangoli artwork is a testament to that. It is humbling to see such creativity and devotion from fans not only here at home but all over India. I am grateful for their support, and I promise to keep working hard and bringing my best to the screen.” Expressing his gratitude he took to twitter and shared the fans’ video along with a heart (❤️) emoji.

Nani’s upcoming film, Dasara, is a pan-India film that is highly anticipated by his fans. The actor has been teasing his fans with glimpses of the film on social media, and the trailer is expected to be released soon.

Nani’s message to the fan showcases his humility towards his fans, who have been instrumental in his success. The actor’s down-to-earth nature and appreciation for his fans have earned him a massive fan following, and his upcoming film is sure to be an enormous success, thanks to their love and support.


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