Vinod Bhanushali shares his insight on how binge-watching during lockdown has upped audience expectations

There have been few and far production houses who have made sure that they keep their audiences entertained during the difficult times of the lockdown caused by COVID-19 earlier this year. The well-known banner, T-Series has been at the top of its game and made sure to give their viewers refreshing content regularly.

Vinod Bhanushali shares his insight on how binge-watching during lockdown has upped audience expectations

Everyone has been taking the utmost advantage of the expansion of the digital world during this global crisis. Be it social media or YouTube or any other OTT platform, we have seen youngsters, adults and seniors, all hop on the ‘Binge-Watch’ train to keep themselves entertained as they were confined to their houses. And this grip that this medium now has on the audience, is a novelty in itself that will help shape content in the future.

Talking about the same, Co-Producer and President Film Marketing of T-Series, Vinod Bhanushali says, “After the lockdown, while we see things getting back to its new normal, this year has had a strong impact in every aspect of our lives, one of the major ones being entertainment. As we tried to wait out the pandemic from the safety of our homes, the biggest source of entertainment for all of us was digital platforms that provided solace to many as they escaped in different worlds. And if we thought we were addicted to digital content before, we were wrong.”

Sharing about how the consumption on digital platforms has changed the content game, he further adds, “Since the last few years, as an industry, we have been gradually pushing the envelope. At T-Series, we always respected content before anything else and the success of the same in recent times have shown us that it is the only way to go to win the audience over. The exposure of viewers to global content has given us opportunities to experiment with our films and shows. And now, with the binge-watching activity multiplying four folds during the lockdown, our audience’s expectations have been upped. At T-Series, we take this challenge as a motivation that makes all of us strive harder to make meaningful content as we step into a changed future of entertainment.”

Well, we completely agree with Mr. Bhanushali and are equally excited to see the quality of content rise higher and higher with this change.


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