‘Success or failure depends on how well you have built your team’, says Vaishali Sarwankar, CEO of Carnival Motion Pictures

An elegant soft-spoken lady with a bright and pleasant smile usually persisting on her face, Vaishali Sawrankar is the new leading face of Carnival Motion Pictures; the production house best known for its movies like Sachin-The Billion Dreams, Thackeray, and many super hit regional movies.

'Success or failure depends on how well you have built your team', says Vaishali Sarwankar, CEO of Carnival Motion Pictures

Vaishali joined Carnival Motion Pictures after success stint of almost 2 decades in Financial markets and International trade in Singapore. She is an alumnus of NMIMS Mumbai. Born and brought up in a traditional Maharashtrian family she bears the brunt of misogynist society from a very young age, but she has always been a Go-getter and ambitious lady. She is among the 3 Indian women who have been successful in international trades.

Vaishali has received many accolades as a professional achiever which include Women Achievers Award, International Women Leaders Federation Winning Trophy, Shiv Gaurav Award, and Carnival Diva award to name a few. Her professional achievements are the result of the hard work and dedication she brings to the table.

Vaishali is a team player, she believes in collective efforts to set and achieve big goals. She says that “Well-coordinated team efforts have the ability to bring in the desired result. Success or failure depends on how well you have built your team and what is the level of coordination from top to bottom.” Before Carnival Motion Pictures she was Head International Trades in the Atlantic group for 7 years. Love for the Indian Cinema and the challenges on the professional front brought her to Carnival Motion Pictures. Although lockdown amid global pandemic has put a small halt on her way Vaishali knows exactly how to utilize the challenges and turn them into opportunities. She has used the lockdown period to focus on other important back-office factors like improving operational efficiency, creating better team coordination, etc.

At the moment Vaishali is focusing on the post-production and the distribution of Carnival Motion Pictures’ new ready to release movie Mere Desh Ki Dharti another movie by Carnival Motion Pictures which revolves around modern youth. She aims to take Carnival Motion pictures to newer heights by adopting the most modern and world-class technologies and giving chance to the new and promising talent behind and in front of the camera, bringing in contemporary stories that resonate most with modern cine-goers.


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