Sanon Sisters Turn Entrepreneurs; Kriti for Hyphen & Blue Butterfly and Nupur for NoBo!

The Sanon sisters – Kriti and Nupur are making waves beyond their acting careers by stepping into the world of entrepreneurship. While Kriti Sanon has already carved out a niche with her skincare brand Hyphen, her younger sister Nupur Sanon has recently launched her own clothing brand, Nobo (No Boundaries).

Sanon Sisters Turn Entrepreneurs; Kriti for Hyphen & Blue Butterfly and Nupur for NoBo!

Kriti Sanon, who is well-established with her skincare brand and production house, is now witnessing her sister Nupur take a significant step into business. Nupur’s homegrown fashion label, NoBo, is a collaborative effort with their mother, Geeta Sanon, making it a family affair. Needless to say, Kriti has shown her support for her sister and mother’s latest business venture.

The launch of Nobo by Nupur showcases her entrepreneurial spirit running in the Sanon family. The brand, which embodies the concept of ‘No Boundaries,’ aims to offer innovative and stylish fashion choices.

As Kriti supports her sister’s and mother’s new business venture, the Sanon sisters are not only making a name for themselves in their respective fields but also setting an example of familial support and collaboration. With Kriti’s dual roles as an actress and producer and Nupur’s foray into fashion, the Sanon sisters are truly diversifying their portfolio and making significant strides in their careers.

Beyond her entrepreneurial endeavours, Kriti is also making a mark in Bollywood as a creative force. This year, she is set to debut as a producer with the film ‘Do Patti’. With veteran actress Kajol onboard and produced under Kriti’s Blue Butterfly Films, this project is anticipated to push the boundaries of storytelling and creativity.


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