Papon’s Earthful Foundation leads a unique initiative to curb the Coronavirus in Assam

In the rural areas of Assam, the threat of the coronavirus pandemic has surged and the lack of awareness around it is alarming. Identifying the challenge, singer-music composer, Papon and his wife, Shweta Mishra Mahanta under their brainchild, ‘Earthful Foundation’ have championed a one-of-kind initiative.

Papon's Earthful Foundation leads a unique initiative to curb the Coronavirus in Assam

Their foundation undertook the task of distributing COVID kits to the people belonging to a few villages of Assam. Each kit consists of oximeters, N95 masks, gloves, sanitizers, necessary medicines and other essentials. The volunteers of this initiative have been spreading awareness and educating villagers about the ways in which they can safeguard their families amid the COVID-19 scare. The foundation is operating in tandem with local health officers to carry out the initiative.

Sharing the work of the foundation on social media Papon wrote in his caption, “Those living in the cities have better accessibility to COVID relief resources than those in rural belts. It is alarming that the number of cases have spiked up in rural areas and ignorance and the lack of essential supplies are the big challenges that need to be tackled. Earthful Foundation is working closely with health officers of certain districts of Assam to provide these essentials and spread awareness about the habits that go a long way in curbing the risk of contracting it. We’re hoping to take this initiative to more villages and make a positive difference to the situation.”

About Earthful Foundation: Founded by Papon and Shweta Mishra Mahanta, Earthful Foundation is an Assam-based initiative dedicated to propagating humanitarian endeavours, nurturing nature, protecting vulnerable human lives and sustainability.

The focus of this initiative is to preserve and restore ecosystems at the local level, execute responsible waste management and raise awareness about environmental concerns among kids and indigenous communities in the state. The mission of Earthful Foundation is to address sustainability issues, create environmental consciousness and foster green livelihood.


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