“Now, I want to do things for myself, I want to push the envelope” says Malaika Arora in Hotstar Specials’ Moving In with Malaika

Relationships, Glamour and more. This iconic diva of Bollywood has seen it all. Captivating the hearts of millions with her stellar dance moves and spellbinding charm – The glamorous and inspirational icon Malaika Arora makes her much awaited digital debut with Disney+ Hotstar.

"Now, I want to do things for myself, I want to push the envelope" says Malaika Arora in Hotstar Specials' Moving In with Malaika

She is set to give fans access to her life through unfiltered conversations in an all-new, exclusive show, Hotstar Specials’ Moving In With Malaika. Created by Banijay Asia and Malaika Arora, the series is streaming now (Monday-Thursday)

When we think of Malaika Arora, we think fierce, inspirational, glamorous, independent and much more. But how does she handle and cope up with all the pressure? On the show, Malaika opens up about doing things for herself.

She said, “Personally, I’ve become a certain way because I’m very conscious about people’s perception and what they will say, how will it be taken, hurting people’s feelings….there’s a constant battle over there. I feel I want to go against the grain for a change now. I want to do things for myself, I want to push the envelope.”

Meet the Inspirational, Fearless and Glamorous – Malaika Arora in her upcoming Hotstar Specials Moving In With Malaika exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar every Monday to Thursday at 8 pm.


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