Kartik Aaryan gives a spooky Good News and We Can’t Stop Laughing!

As the lockdown continues, here’s someone blessing us with some good news. Yes, it’s none other than our favorite Kartik Aaryan aka Koki. He has been constantly entertaining us with his regular posts and funny adorable videos. His message of optimism during this pandemic has hearts on social media and his much popular show “Koki Poochega” is a smashing success in these rough times he has shared some good news.

Kartik Aaryan gives a spooky Good News and We Can't Stop Laughing!

Kartik made a video where he narrates some hilarious and impactful news to warn people to stay indoors and not to step out during this catastrophic quandary. Kartik begins the video with names of some eminent directors who specialize in the horror genre of film making namely Vikram Bhatt, Ram Gopal Varma and also the makers of iconic horror fictions like Aahat who has instilled fear in our minds with fear during our childhood days.

He briefed that in a village in Odisha to make people stay indoors the locals have made a woman wear black sari and chalk painted her face white and made her go around the city. This will surely make us laugh but at the same time is an efficient step to ensure people stays inside their safe pavilion. Kartik also said about a citizen who feds stray dogs and gets them the required health care stuffs from a vetenary doctor and appreciates the lady for her selfless love and saving the four-legged strays.

What won our hearts was when Koki requested people to keep a plate of water for these poor creatures outside our houses in this scorching summer and also generously pleased that one should check underneath their cars to ensure no dogs are resting there. Like we already know Kartik has a great sense of humor and in this interesting video brings out a fun camaraderie between his sister and him and leaves us in splits. We can’t help but asking for more dosage of good news Kartik Aaryan style.

Also, Kartik Aaryan’s move to spread good news and interview Corona frontliners has been a commendable job and has been applauded by everyone. While his show garners several views, his move to contribute Rs 1 crore to the PM CARES Relief Funds was a heroic move and hailed by everyone.

Kartik Aaryan continues to help netizens and everyone nationwide with his unique content and his great sense of humour. Amidst lockdown and so much tension out there, this young superstar uses his star power rightfully and leaves us entertained. Hats off to this youth icon.



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