Karishma Sharma expresses gratitude for the time at home due to the lockdown

Karishma Sharma is energized and is ready for her next stint now that the lockdown is starting to get over. Karishma has developed deep gratitude towards everything and she has discovered that life is much more than just work, earnings and fame.

Karishma Sharma expresses gratitude for the time at home due to the lockdown

She had learnt some important things during the lockdown and that would definitely be a huge help in the coming days. She is out there to spread love and positivity. She got a lot of time to spend with family and here recent posts say exactly that.

She learnt to cook, prepare meals and enjoy them with family. She wouldn’t get the time otherwise for. She would be seen cycling sometimes in the streets post unlock to just enjoy the weather and the breeze. We spoke to her and this is what she has to say, “I am extremely thankful for the lockdown as it allowed me to spend time with my family. The situation has been grim but it’s important to look at the brighter side of things”.

“We all have got a good amount of time to look deep inside of us. It’s been a good time to reflect and look at the important aspects and just be thankful for the things. The most basic of things are so vulnerable is something that we have been shown. I think we will all come out better beings and stronger beings definitely. I have watched a lot of acclaimed movies of directors such as zoya Akhtar and Satyajit ray. It’s given me a new perspective on cinema” she adds.

Let’s take a look at some of her posts on social media :

  1. Quarantining at home has brought us together. Let’s continue connecting. Not just virtually. Snuggle up tp your family and value them
  2. Hygiene is now an international obsession. Let’s continue with the cleanliness
  3. Self care is also a new mantra. Close your eyes and thinking of the happy memories thru the day. Discover new desi workout routines
  4. Heroes are all around us. The binman. The postman. Supermarket teams. Police men AND women. Each as their own skill. Nobody is unskilled any more
  5. The initial silence has opened our eyes, ears and nose. There are diverse colors of nature, sounds of birds and fragrances of life that have existed around us all the time but have suddenly emerged now
  6. Planet Earth has pressed the reset button too along with us. Continue bringing out the cycles, breathing in cleaner air and giving the environment a breather
  7. It’s ok to do nothing. Enjoy family meals. Open up your board games. Relive your childhood with the kids in your extended family. Bond again. Unplug. Do a tech detox once a month
  8. Open your arms to hobbies. Languages. Coding. Doodling. Keep these distractions going even after the work pressures return
  9. Keep shopping at your neighborhood stores. Don’t abandon them. They will keep the economy rolling
  10. Finally, there’s 2021 to look forward to. All the script readings, narrations and conversations with creativity will convert to shoots in October. Will convert to releases starting January. And these will be sprinkled with the Olympics, the Sports tournaments on a pause, the shows, appearances, endorsements, chat shows and what have you.
  11. We’re enjoying exercise. There is, it seems, a limit to the number of box sets a person can watch. Discover new cycling routes and a quick morning yoga routine.

Karishma has developed so much of gratitude and a nature of giving. That’s quite something which Karishma has opened our eyes to. Let’s raise a toast to our individual learnings of 2020 and here’s to 2021.


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