Kangana Ranaut starrer Emergency Release Date Postponed; Here’s Why!

The release date of Kangana Ranaut’s next movie Emergency has been moved to 2024. The movie will now be released on a new date, which will be announced soon. The initial release date for the movie was set for November 24, 2023.

Kangana Ranaut starrer Emergency Release Date Postponed; Here's Why!

Ranaut took to Twitter to make the announcement. She wrote, “Dear friends, I have an important announcement to make. Emergency movies is the culmination of my entire life’s learnings and earnings as an artist. Emergency is not just a film for me it’s a test of my worth and character as an individual. Tremendous response that our teaser and other units got from everyone encouraged us all.”

She further added, “My heart is full of gratitude and wherever I go people ask me about Emergency’s release date. We have announced Emergency release date as 24th November 2023 but because of all the changes in my back to back releasing films calendar and over packed last quarter of 2024 we have decided to shift Emergency to next year (2024).”

“New release date will be announced soon, please bear with us, your anticipation, curiosity and excitement for the film means a lot. Yours truly Kangana Ranaut,” she concluded.

Emergency is Ranaut’s first solo directorial film. Apart from Ranaut, the film stars Anupam Kher, Mahima Chaudhry, Vishak Nair and Shreyas Talpade in prominent roles. The film is based on the life of former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and the Emergency that she imposed in the country in 1975. The film is expected to be a hard-hitting political drama that will explore the dark side of Indian politics.


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