Jhoome Jo Pathaan singer Sukriti Kakar Opens On singing for Deepika Padukone; says, “Was An Absolute Joy”

A song that shook the theaters across the world, a song that made us see clips of fans dancing going viral and a song that heard the maximum whistles and screams. Jhoome Jo Pathaan has unquestionably become the revolutionary song of the singer Sukriti Kakar’s musical life.

Jhoome Jo Pathaan singer Sukriti Kakar Opens On singing for Deepika Padukone; says, "Was An Absolute Joy"

The Kar Gayi Chull fame shared her thoughts on this dewy success, once again in her life but this time all by herself. “I never experienced a craze for a track like this ever before — singing for Deepika Padukone was the joy of joys for me. The first few days of Pathaan was no less than a festival in the country. I was visiting the theaters to see the crowd, and always, the premises were full and they were cheering on the song. I saw the spectators getting up from their seats and just going bonkers then and there. The whole scenario proved a point: Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone belong to Indian cinema. We happened to witness their super stardom beforehand.”

Her song that was already buzzing before the release, made her only watch how humongous the craze can be and it certainly filled her with a lot of sentiments. She continued to express, “This song was recorded years ago — I had no idea, I am going to be doing a playback for Deepika Padukone.”

Her mom, who herself is a trained Hindustani classical musician — was all so delighted to see the daughter climbing the ladder of success so early in her career. And then, Sukriti was totally devoted to the track once she put two into two together.

“I wanted to sound my best to be able to match Deepika. I was just imagining how charismatic she is going to be looking on the track that I have sung for her, I couldn’t stop visualizing. Vishal-Shekhar described to me what Deepika’s role in the spy verse was! Finally, I sang for Deepika Padukone and I couldn’t have asked for more so early on in my life,” adds the vocalist.


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