Jacqueline Fernandez opens up on Animal Welfare, “Animals, just like humans…”

YOLO Foundation, an initiative spearheaded by Jacqueline Fernandez, has launched a commendable effort to enhance animal welfare. The primary objective of this initiative is to ensure that sick and injured animals receive timely and quality medical support, along with necessary transportation. To bolster this mission, the foundation has donated ten fully equipped animal ambulances.

Jacqueline Fernandez opens up on Animal Welfare, "Animals, just like humans…"

Expressing her enthusiasm and dedication, Jacqueline Fernandez, the Founder of the YOLO Foundation, stated, “We are incredibly proud to partner with Ease My Trip in this noble endeavour. YOLO Foundation has always been dedicated to improving the lives of stray animals, and these ambulances will play a crucial role in that mission.”

“Animals, just like humans, should get access to prompt medical attention. This initiative is a step towards creating a more humane and compassionate society where animals are treated with the respect and love they deserve,” she added.

The stunning beauty with a noble heart is renowned for her contributions towards animal welfare, frequently utilizing her social media platforms to support stray dogs and other animals in need. Her active involvement and advocacy have significantly raised awareness about the importance of animal welfare.

The collaboration highlights a shared commitment to enhancing the lives of stray animals. This joint effort signifies a substantial move towards providing better healthcare and support to animals in distress.


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