Himesh Reshammiya brings to you the 9th track, ‘O Sajnaa’ with Sawai Bhatt!

Himesh Reshammiya can surely be termed as the Man with the Midas Touch. Whatever he touched, turns into gold and becomes a blockbuster hit overnight with a million views and audio streams. His record label has delivered 4 super hit albums namely Surroor 2021, Himesh Ke Dil Se, Moods and Melodies, Super Sitaara and 8 songs.

Himesh Reshammiya brings to you the 9th track, 'O Sajnaa' with Sawai Bhatt!

Not only that, he also gives major breaks to the newcomers one after the other, giving them a chance to shine with some amazing compositions, all done by Himesh the musical magician.

After 8 blockbuster hits, the musical genius Himesh Reshammiya brings to you the 9th track, O Sajnaa with Sawai Bhatt, the singer behind the chartbuster Sanseinn. From the album Himesh Ke Dil Se which is a huge success in its own right, the song O Sajnaa will be sung by Sawai Bhatt who has an amazing Rajasthani ethnic voice.

Speaking on the song, Himesh says that, “The song O Sajnaa is again a pure Indian melody which signifies that love comes in a very divine and pure zone. It is a beautiful raag based melody and Sawai has sung it so beautifully that the listener will get to know the deep and potent side of Sawai as a singer.”

“Sawai’s voice conquered the nation in Sanseinn and with O Sajnaa, he will go one step further as it is again a difficult track which he has delivered with flying colours,” he adds.


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