Here’s a Message from Mahesh Shetty that needs to be heard!

In view of the rising COVID-19 cases following the second wave, Actor Mahesh Shetty took to his social media to spread a message that is the need of the hour. Given the politically polarised times that we’re living in and the increasing levels of mass anxiety, there is tremendous negativity over the internet. Addressing the issue, The Bhuj actor urged influencers and netizens to focus on positivity.

Here's a Message from Mahesh Shetty that needs to be heard!

In his post, he says, “Urge all influencers to influence in the right direction. Please spread positivity and applaud the humanitarian ones. This is the time for gratitude, prayers and taking care of your near and dear ones and of course yourself. Urge people to wear a mask and maintain distance. trust me it’s humanitarian too. . .

“They aren’t just saving their lives but many others too. This is not the time to be political and play the blame game. Jab vote karne ka time aayega, tab jaakar karna! Just for some likes and more followers, please don’t spread fake news and ignite negativity.”

He adds, ” Look within, did you always wear a mask and maintain social distance at all times? If not, then why blame others. These are testing times. . . Let’s learn to fight this TOGETHER@! It’s still a long battle ahead. . . This is the time to help others in need (in whatever small way you can. . .)! and PLEASE by help I don’t mean distributing biscuit packets just to make videos for posting on social media.”

‘Let’s grow up and stop this nonsense just to gain more followers. It’s SAD@! Do your bit and let karma do the talking. Having said all this, social media could also provoke a lot of anxiety in times like this. . . Just stay positive and spread positivity THIS TOO SHALL PASS”, he added.


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