Fans Respond to Abhishek Bachchan’s Success Mantra, ‘Never Give Up’

Success is the ultimate goal we keep chasing in our lives. We try to achieve what we dream of and to accomplish our goal, we all need a Mantra. Actor Abhishek Bachchan too has a few ‘Mantras’ that has helped him grow as an actor, a sports entrepreneur, and as a person.

Fans Respond to Abhishek Bachchan's Success Mantra, 'Never Give Up'

In his recent Ask Me Anything session on Instagram, Abhishek asked his fans, “The mantra is to ‘Never give up’, what’s the one thing in life you’d never give up on?” While answering, one of his fans said, “To earn money, buy a house for my parents and give them a stress free life”

Another Fan shared, “My strength of thinking over the difficulties of my life”. Interestingly one of his fans by heart mentioned: “Loving Kids” to which Junior Bachchan replied, “You can’t really give up on that, can you?” and that really highlighted the ‘family man’ that is Abhishek.

Soon after he posted the story, his social media account started flooding with messages. Out of these countless responses that he received, Abhishek reposted a few on his Instagram story reacting to them.

The Ludo actor keeps indulging himself in such entertaining AMA sessions on Instagram to interact with fans. Remarkably, his AMAs are short trips to the haven of positivity.


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