Elli AvrRam paints an Endearing Image as a tribute to all Nurses!

We often hear of superheroes and see them in movies in their bold and strong avatar. However, the years of 2020 and 2021 have changed the image of a superhero.

Elli AvrRam paints an Endearing Image as a tribute to all Nurses!

A superhero today is the one who dons their nurses’ uniform and reports to work day in and out to take care of those infected with the deadly COVID-19 virus, irrespective whether their own lives are at stake or not.

Therefore, on the occasion of World Nurse Day in Sweden, Actor Elli AvrRam painted an endearing image of a nurse with her mask on but the one who possesses the largest heart in these times.

She goes ahead to state that, “This thought came to me on Worlds Nurse day. I wanted to paint something that will help me remember these hard times. I think it’s important, because when everything is bright again, we must not forget what we learnt about life and how it all can suddenly change”.

“So by remembering, maybe one will be able to cherish their present moment more and also the people who put their life at risk, to save yours,” she adds. In the times that we are in, it is heartwarming to see an actor appreciate those who truly deserve it. Way to go Elli!


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