Diana Penty teams up with PETA India Again to Find Adrak a Loving Home

Indian actor Diana Penty has teamed up with PETA India once again to continue her mission to promote dog adoption from shelters. She recently posed with Biscuit, a dog up for adoption and she found a loving home just a day later.

Diana Penty teams up with PETA India Again to Find Adrak a Loving Home

Determined to help more dogs like Biscuit, Diana who also shot with another dog for the campaign, has now shared her pictures with Adrak, hoping to find him his forever home.

“Just as Biscuit found a home to call her own, we hope to see Adrak find his forever family too,” she wrote on Instagram. With her own adopted pup Vicky, Diana is known for her love for animals and is an advocate for Indie dogs.

She highlights their positive traits – loving, playful, and strong – contrasting them with bred dogs often prone to health issues. Diana described Adrak as a shy sweetheart who turns into a super fun ball of energy once he opens up. She emphasizes his loving nature and the way he steals hearts with his sweet moments of affection.

This campaign aligns with PETA India’s #AdoptDontShop initiative, urging people to consider adopting dogs from shelters instead of buying from breeders or pet shops. With Adrak’s story, Diana Penty continues to shine a light on the plight of homeless animals in India, urging fans to open their hearts and homes to a deserving dog.


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