Deanne Panday takes Elli AvrRam with her to the Maldives!

This tumultuous year has taught us many thing. two things that stand out the most are, one, that it is extremely important to be surrounded by loved ones, friends and family, and that there’s a whole world out there that we yearn to explore and nothing makes you crave a vacation as much as a 6 month lockdown does.

Deanne Panday takes Elli AvrRam with her to the Maldives!

Health and wellness coach and author Deanne Panday took her friend actress Elli AvrRam on a trip to her nirvana, the Maldives! Both the celebrities shares numerous pictures of their trip on social media, and we can’t help but yearn for sunny days on pristine sands as well.

Deanne also released her new book, Balance by Deanne Panday, which details the secrets of the health and wellness guru’s life and happiness. The cover of this book, no surprises here, has been shot in the beautiful Islands of the Maldives.

Showing her appreciation, Elli shares ‘Deanna has always been a dear friend, and when she invited me on a trip to the Maldives I couldn’t help but say yes! It was wonderful being out, the sun sea and sand had truly been missed. We were extremely safe at all times. I am ever grateful to Deanne for wanting me to accompany her.’

It is so wonderful to see friendships like these flourish, especially during a year that has made us learn the value of the little things in life. Elli was last seen in Malang and we are incredibly eager to see which other projects the versatile actress has been working on.


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