Dasara: Natural Star ‘Nani’ and Team to Launch Trailer In Lucknow On March 14th!

The day that South Indian “Natural Star’s” fans have been eagerly waiting for is finally here. Dasara, the first Pan Indian film featuring Nani has been a disruptor with every activity, right from the teaser of the film being picked up by local city social media pages, a fan from Maharashtra paying tribute with a 100kg rangoli.

Dasara: Natural Star 'Nani' and Team to Launch Trailer In Lucknow On March 14th!

Nani’s first ever public appearance up north playing Holi with his fans in the heart of Bollywood, Mumbai and showcasing a sneak peak of a song to now releasing the much awaited trailer of the film in the heartland of the country, Lucknow on March 14th with a bang!

A first for many, this is the first time a trailer launch will be held in Lucknow and the excitement is surely palpable. The Natural Star is known for his instant connect and respect for his fans, and unveiling the trailer of Dasara in such a unique way is a testament of the fact that it’s the heartland that deserves to see the magic of cinema unfold in front of them. Ever since the announcement, netizens and even the people of Uttar Pradesh have started a countdown for the D-Day.

The trailer launch is planned to be held in a grand way with the lead actor Nani, Dheekshith Shetty and Director Srikanth Odela and producer Sudhakar Cherukuri and Srikanth Chundi of the film.

Dasara is a Santhosh Narayanan Musical Written and Directed by Srikanth Odela, Produced by Sudhakar Cherukuri and Srikanth Chundi. The Pan India film is slated to release on 30th March.


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