As we are all set to Welcome 2021, Mukesh Chhabra opens up about 2020 as a year for the Indian Entertainment Industry!

The year 2020 will always be looked at as the year of the pandemic. It’s the year that the entire human race had to stay socially distanced and confined in their homes in the fear of an unknown virus that could not be seen nor heard. With its numerous drawbacks also came numerous opportunities.

As we are all set to Welcome 2021, Mukesh Chhabra opens up about 2020 as a year for the Indian Entertainment Industry!

The opportunity to spend more time with your family, to take as many holidays at one stretch which was our lifelong dream, the opportunity to reflect and ponder over our lives and so many others. One such opportunity that we all witnessed as a film fraternity was the rise in viewership on OTT platforms. Since multiplexes were shut and our main source of entertainment was a show on Netflix or Hotstar, we came to love this medium which was in the secondary, up until the pandemic struck.

Sharing his thoughts about this huge change in the entertainment industry where the content is majorly consumed on the OTT platforms, Casting director Mukesh Chhabra shares, “Most of the films were released online, including my directorial debut Dil Bechara and a few shows and films that I cast for as a Casting Director. The heartwarming response I received even though Dil Bechara was released online was just overwhelming. I was really worried and kept wondering before the release if people would actually watch it if it was streamed online. But honestly speaking I could not be happier and blessed with the response I got on my directorial film. The potential of an online platform is so vast that we haven’t even explored it enough yet. I feel as an audience it made us more accepting and to some extent also falling in love with this online medium of viewing content from the comfort of our home/or anywhere and streaming it at any time we liked.”

He further adds, “The fact that these platforms have so many options we even went on to explore shows and films that we wouldn’t usually watch. Apart from that, it has opened numerous opportunities for actors and filmmakers alike. Without the concept of a box office hit, producers too are willing to take the risk of investing into seemingly new content. Actors are experimenting with roles and breaking the stereotype. The pandemic has been a boon in terms of consuming more content and offering more accessible content to viewers. From a personal point of view, I have binged and enjoyed so many series that I probably would have never had the time to watch on a busy workday. I have been able to identify and discover new talent through the content that I have been watching online.”

“I have also taken the initiative to open offices all over India, in different States. The online medium is perfect for me and my team to discover talent in every nook and corner, not only in India but all around the World. I have set up offices in Delhi, Lucknow, Chandigarh apart from my Mumbai office so actors don’t have to spend money traveling to Mumbai and staying here at additional costs. They can sit at the comfort of their home and mail me their introduction/auditions. My team at the offices will help and guide actors about how to go about auditioning.”

This emerging entertainment platform has also increased the opportunities for young talents in India, sharing his views on this aspect, Mukesh says, “This creates more opportunity and I am very happy when I can source and give to the world of cinema more and more talented actors. It also creates a space for actors to reach out to us. We want to be more accessible to talent. I always say we only exist because of good actors. I have to keep surprising everyone with new faces and power-packed performers. Faces that are from different parts of the country. I also want to make it possible for everyone to dream and achieve their acting dreams.”

As a content consumer, Mukesh while putting light on the economics of online platforms says, “Also, as a viewer, I have been given unlimited access to different genres of content at a very competitive price. For example, if I had to watch one single movie at a theatre I would pay around 500 rupees but, in this case, I can watch 10 movies or more for the same price or even lesser. This obviously gives OTT platforms an advantage over multiplexes. Of course, there’s no comparison being made towards the viewership experience but to most people that is not an important factor.”

He concludes, “So much has changed in regards to the way we are going about our projects now. I am just glad that everything is almost if not entirely back on track right now. With the necessary SOP’s in place we have started shoot schedules too and work almost feels like back to normal. I think it’s just a matter of time now and we’ll be as good as normal. Till then we better stay safe and keep everyone around us safe too.”

With huge and exciting projects like Brahmāstra, 83, Atrangi Re, Shaabash Mithu, and Laal Singh Chadda in his pipeline, Mukesh Chabbra is all set to start 2021 with a bang!


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