Amyra Dastur salutes her father on the occasion of National Doctors Day!

Amyra Dastur has always been a Daddy’s girl. Right from her childhood days to kickstarting her acting journey, to celebrating every milestone, her father has been her rock throughout. However, when COVID 19 hit the world, Doctor Rohinton Dastur had to forget that he had a family at home, as he had to work tirelessly day and night, even sometimes live in the hospital, for the sake of the safety of the ones at his home.

Amyra Dastur salutes her father on the occasion of National Doctors Day!

A noted surgeon and head at a leading South Mumbai hospital for the past 5 years, Doctor Rohinton Dastur made no excuses for not being there for his patients, and handled the COVID and non COVID ward as well. His main reasoning was that if he doesn’t wear that coat, and show up to take care of patients, then how could he expect his staff and nurses and ward boys and doctors to do the same? Always one to set an example for others, even at the age of 67, he devoted his time to being a frontline warrior.

Speaking on the past year, Amyra stated that, “My father has always been my hero but in the last 1.5 years, he is now a certified superhero. I have never seen him complain even once, I have seen him wear his coat and do his duty, which is to serve and take care. I have had sleepless nights worrying about his health, and battled with the demon that he is putting his own life at risk for saving the lives of others but my father is a champion, and I couldn’t be more prouder than I am today.”

“There were days I would just pray for him to come home safe and sound. I have seen him suffer as he lost patients to this deadly disease and it’s had a huge mental impact on doctors, as it’s shown them death like no other disease in the past year. We think they are conditioned but nothing prepares you for something like covid 19,” she said.

“However, my father is always smiling, always positive and came home to show us that no matter what, duty comes first. On the occasion of World Doctors day, I fold my hands and bow down to all doctors. Thank you for your service, we are alive because you chose to risk your lives,” she adds proudly.


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