Ajay Deshpande opens up about what went behind the research for Lata Shruti Sanvad

Biographies have played a major part in our lives when it comes to familiarising with historic events and getting to know the eminent personalities who have made a mark with their hard work and perseverance. Well-known author Ajay Deshpande is all set to release his upcoming book Lata Shruti Sanvad, which traces the musical journey of Lata Mangeshkar and studies her songs in detail.

Ajay Deshpande opens up about what went behind the research for Lata Shruti Sanvad

While many writers and critiques focus on the hurdles of a celebrity throughout their journey, Deshpande focussed on what made the journey so special, in this case, was the Queen of Melodies’ songs that have bound us together. The author has previously written book ‘Kala Sangam Volume I’, an Encyclopaedia for Hindustani Arts and Culture. Every facet of Arts and Culture has been captured and beautifully presented in the book for music enthusiasts.

Talking about the research that went behind writing the book, he shared, “I have studied and researched my fair share of music since 1985. I have met with many music composers and enthusiasts who are connected to the industry and gained an insight on the process behind song making through their own experiences. It’s a well-known fact that music brings us together no matter the occasions.”

Ajay Deshpande went on the share, “It’s fascinating how music and songs have the power to take over our souls by just the right voice modulation by the singer. Through my study of Lataji’s songs what I came across the most was her expressing true emotions through her immaculate sur and her extraordinary voice modulation techniques. It was an honour to study her songs in detail and share my finding with the audience.”

Apart from documenting his music experiences for future generations, Ajay Deshpande is a member of the Documentation Committee of Sangeet Natak Akademi, a prestigious autonomous Government organisation. He is also the organiser of the Nagpur Literary Festival.

The cover of the book ‘Lata Shruti Sanvad’ was released on Lata Mangeshkar’s 91st birthday, 28th September 2020. We cannot wait for the book to be released and get to know her works even more closely!


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