T-Series’ ‘Kamaal Ho Gea’ makes you believe in love again; Song OUT NOW!

The magic of first love is the same feeling that gives you butterflies in your stomach, makes you giddy with happiness and overall one feels like they are walking in the clouds.

T-Series' 'Kamaal Ho Gea' makes you believe in love again; Song OUT NOW!

These emotions are best conveyed by the soulful new track of T-Series’ latest single, ‘Kamaal Ho Gea’ sung, composed and featuring the Punjabi sensation Satinder Sartaaj, alongside the doe eye beauty Irwinmeet Kaur, they make the perfect pair that are all things that pure subtle romance is all about.

The endearing video, from the authentic locales of Punjab to the melodious voice, everything about this song makes you believe in love again.

T-Series brings you ‘Kamaal Ho Gea’ with vocals and composition by Satinder Sartaaj, music by Manan Bhardwaj and video by Bhindder Burj

The chemistry between the duo is surely palpable, and the song is OUT NOW!


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