Sunny Deol Opens Up About Carrying ‘Swords and Hockey Sticks’ In His Cars; Deets Inside

Recently, Sunny Deol traveled back in time to his early years and remembered carrying metal rods and hockey sticks in his car. In an interview with Mashable India, while sharing how he used to lose his temper easily in his early days.

Sunny Deol Opens Up About Carrying 'Swords and Hockey Sticks' In His Cars; Deets Inside

Sunny Deol told Mashable India, “I have been in a lot of fights. We used to carry swords, metal rods, and hockey sticks in our cars. This was back in the day, there used to be gangs; times are different now.”

He added, “We used to provoke strangers into racing us. That’s the life we’ve lived. And then I had to hide it from my parents, especially my father. My mother would handle these situations when they got out of hand.”

Sunny Deol also spoke about the time when he got into a fight during a match at CCI-Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai. “I have had fights everywhere. At an India-New Zealand match at Brabourne Stadium, I was with my friends. Some people found out that I was Dharmendra’s son, and then they started ragging me. Then they started throwing cigarette butts at me. I lost my mind. I’m a Sardar, after all. I started swinging, and I had no idea who I was hitting, I just kept beating people up.”

On the work front, Sunny Deol made a roaring comeback with the actioner Gadar 2, which grossed Rs 524 crore at the box office. He will be next seen in Rajkumar Santoshi’s film Lahore, 1947, which is being produced by Aamir Khan.


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