Shama Sikander discusses the Importance of Women Empowerment and correlation to movies for Women’s Day

Shama Sikander is one flag bearer when it comes to standing up for women empowerment and upliftment. On the eve of women’s day we spoke to her and we just loved every bit of what we discussed.

Shama Sikander discusses the Importance of Women Empowerment and correlation to movies for Women's Day

Shama says, “Cinema has played a huge role in getting the issues to the mainstream and the women have come and slayed the screen and how. From mother india to arth to kahaani, to queen. If we take up a movie like sholay, hema ji had done something with basanti that we won’t forget ever. The issues have been paramount for women and no point choosing to have a blind eye to it”.

“We have to acknowledge the issues and as a society move towards a solution. English Vinglish was such a breakthrough performance from one of my greatest idols, the late Srideviji. They have done enormous amount of great work and movies seem to be an apt representation of the modern Indian woman taking on the world”.

“The performances have been fantastic by the girls for the longest times and its time we acknowledge the fact that nationwide we have to have the same level of empowerment of women in every sector and it will have to be one huge collective effort led by women and men. I urge everyone to watch the movie Thappad. It’s the best thing you can do on this women’s day. It’s the best movie made on women empowerment in today’s time and all the ladies will take a stand for themselves after watching it.”

Shama is destiny’s child and she had always held her fort in the way she has managed herself and the way she has been handling all the stress and pressure. She is a guiding lamp to reinvent yourself and come up against all odds and that for all the women is a huge inspiration. We wish everyone a very happy women’s day.


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