See How Kajol had a wonderful ‘Virtual Hangout’ with her fans Across the World

In the last few years, Kajol had made sure that she keeps entertaining the fans through her social media platforms. Right from her quirky posts to hilarious AMA sessions, she has made her social media game quite strong.

See How Kajol had a wonderful 'Virtual Hangout' with her fans Across the World

Considering her fans being her all-time support throughout her Bollywood journey, Kajol went a step forward from social media postings and recently participated in a virtual ‘meet n greet’ event with her fans via Zoom App. A number of her fans from different countries joined the meeting and congratulated her on the success of her recent film Tribhanga. Kajol kept this event interactive and communicated one-on-one with her fans taking their questions.

While discussing Kajol’s film Tribhanga, a fan asked her “What is the impact that Tribhanga should have on society?” to which Kajol replied, “I hope and pray that all the girls and men who are watching the movie take back that nobody is perfect and we all are just humans. Just be nice and kinder to each other because we all have stories, we all are going through something and love your mother, understand where she is coming from. Enjoy the film, laugh a lot and cry a lot, it is healthy forever the soul.”

Another fan from Peru asked Kajol if she could work in a film that narrates a historical romance. The actress said, “I would love to do an Indian historical romance. We have an amazing culture and history, and I would like to be a part of something that is completely Indian.”

When a fan from Dubai asked Kajol about the weird food combinations she enjoys, to which Kajol replied, “I don’t know if it’s weird or not but my favourite combination of food is ghee, rice, and salt.” The fan-meet was concluded with Kajol again sharing gratitude towards her fans and hoping to do another fun session with them very soon.

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