Sachet-Parampara shoot an underwater scene for ‘Malang Sajna’ – Watch Video

The musical and magical couple Sachet and Parampara are set to enthral us to another full of life love song, Malang Sajna very soon.

Sachet-Parampara shoot an underwater scene for 'Malang Sajna' - Watch Video

After teasing us with a cover version of Makhna and their upcoming single Malang Sajna’s mashup in the pool set-up, here’s sneak peek from their upcoming music video that is a testament that the duo lifts benchmark higher by offering something new in their every song.

And this time they go deeper by literally in waters as the music video of Malang Sajna has been shot under-water. While the makers haven’t announced the date yet, the fans are surely anticipating a musical as well as visual treat soon.

Talking about the underwater sequence in the music video, Sachet Tandon said, “It was exciting to try something new that we have never done in our music videos. Eventhough it was quite a challenge as the weather was cold, it was still a completely new experience that I thoroughly enjoyed.”

To that Parampara added “When I first heard that we are going to be shooting a scene completely submerged in the water, I was a little nervous because it’s not easy to hold your breath, but at the same time i was really excited. I’m glad that we did it and can’t wait for the audience to see it.”


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