Nora Fatehi gifts dancing gear to underprivileged contestants on her show!

In addition to being a remarkable performer and an international icon, Nora Fatehi is also an inspiration to millions for her kindness and generosity. A latest testament of the same was witnessed on her dance reality show where the actress gifted dancing gears to a group of aspiring dancers.

Nora Fatehi gifts dancing gear to underprivileged contestants on her show!

Creating a storm across quarters in just two episodes, Nora Fatehi’s latest dance reality show has captivated the audience. In the latest episode, a group of female dancers hailing from a small town in Madhya Pradesh auditioned for the show which struck a chord with not just the judges panel but also the audience.

While interacting with the girls, Nora Fatehi learnt about the background of these dancers. Beaming with passion for dance, these girls weren’t deterred by their situation which resonated with Nora, who herself has scaled a long journey of struggles.

Extending her kindness to the group, Nora Fatehi gifted dancing gears, including athleisure wear, shoes to the girls in addition to also creating a fund to support their education. She has earlier seen the girls’ performance on her social media as they regularly updated their dance videos under the hashtag #DanceWithNora.

Having begun #DanceWithNora to create a platform for aspiring dancers with limited opportunities to showcase their talent, the hashtag has offered exposure to innumerable artists not just in India but also across the globe.

From the US, England, Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, Africa to the rural parts of India, Nora’s #DanceWithNora has reached the interiors of the world building a community of passionate dancers.


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