Moods With Melodies: Himesh Reshammiya to launch new face Parth with soulful track ‘Tere Bagairr’

Himesh Reshammiya is known to be a man who can spot talent within a mile, as such was the case when he launched Deepika Padukone in his song, Naam Hai Tera Tera. The man has a midas touch when it comes to not only identifying superstars but also empowering them with a dream launch, like the most recent prodigy being Uditi Singh, the latest Surroor girl in a song that became an overnight viral sensation.

Moods With Melodies: Himesh Reshammiya to launch new face Parth with soulful track 'Tere Bagairr'

Now Himesh is all set to launch the fresh faced newcomer, Parth, who is sure to become a heartthrob in no time. Parth will be seen in the very first song, Tere Bagairr, which is the debut song from the music album of Moods With Melodies that has been composed by Himesh himself.

Parth possesses a raw albeit handsome vulnerability which is visible in his expressions and body language as well. Speaking on the same, proud composer Himesh affirms that, “The talent that Parth has is so raw and so endearing that you are hooked onto him right from the very first frame in Tere Bagairr. The singers Pawandeep and Arunita too have done a fabulous job in Tere Bagairr and Parth along with the actress Ishita Chauhan have done magic to the visuals of Himesh’s composition, the singer’s talent and more. The way they have acted combined with the way the singers have sung each note and the nuances in everything, makes me very proud.”

Tere Bagairr’s video will be launched on June 23rd under Himesh’s music label, Himesh Reshammiya Melodies. Himesh is currently on an all time career high as his studio album Surroor 2021 title has become an overnight success since its launch earlier this month. The title track itself garnered 50 million views and 5 million streams in a matter of a few days.

“I am grateful for all the love pouring in from across the globe for the Surroor 2021 title track. It is what it is and it has reached the pinnacle of success due to the audiences and I am always thankful to them. Our second track from Surroor 2021 will be launched in July 2021,” adds himesh.


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