Lahari Music (Lahari Films LLP) in association with Venus Enterrtainers announces a PAN-India project (not titled yet), Stars Upendra

South India’s biggest, Bangalore based music label “Lahari Music” is all set to venture into film production under the banner “Lahari Films LLP” in association with “Venus Enterrtainers”. The two powerhouses are set to collaborate with the ace maverick film Director and Actor Upendra who is a brand by himself! Upendra is well known and critically acclaimed for the unusual film titles of his directorial ventures in the past such as “shhh”, “A”, “🕉️”, “👌” and many more! His mind blowing plot lines and completely amazing screenplays, which have gone on to become cult classical mega hits down south, are always the topic of conversation.

Lahari Music (Lahari Films LLP) in association with Venus Enterrtainers announces a PAN-India project (not titled yet), Stars Upendra

They now join hands for the first time to entertain the entire Indian audience through this pan-India film which promises to be rich in content in 4 Indian languages namely Kannada, Hindi, Telugu & Tamil. The humongous success of Baahubali, KGF and the recent success of Pushpa has given huge expectations to this untitled film which is all set to go on floors shortly and will certainly live up to your expectations.

G Manoharan, Chairman and Managing Director of Lahari Music Group quotes “after working on music with each other from the last 25years this association was just waiting to happen. Lahari backed “Upendra Ji” from his acting debut film “A” which went onto become the biggest hit down south and turned out to be a cult classic film during the late 90’s. We have enjoyed his films which is always filled with universal vision and we want the entire Indian audience to experience his movies now, across India and abroad”

Srikanth KP, Proprietor, Venus Enterrtainers said “after having back to back successful blockbuster films such as “Tagaru” and “Salaga”, as a production house we have worked with him on various projects on different levels in the last two decades. We are extremely happy to work with a visionary film maverick such as “Upendra Ji” and his vision has always appealed people. I am very sure that the entire country would love this new pan India vision that we have lined up.”

Upendra the maverick Director/Actor said “I look forward for this exciting collaboration through this Pan India film and I am sure the audience will love this thought provoking cinematic experience. It is the fans who created the story called “Upendra” and it is the fans who wrote the screenplay and dialogues for 33 years. It is through their whistles and claps I have always directed. I dedicate this film to “praja prabhu” the Indian film fans.”


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