Katrina Kaif Finally Opens Up About the Towel Fight Scene in Tiger 3!

Tiger 3 is just 6 days away from hitting screens and it’s a wait of over a year that will come to end. The much-loved on-screen pair is back again in Aditya Chopra’s Tiger 3 reprising their iconic characters, super-agents Tiger and Zoya from the YRF Spy Universe.

Katrina Kaif Finally Opens Up About the Towel Fight Scene in Tiger 3!

Speaking of viral towel fight scene in Tiger 3, Katrina Kaif opened up to Mid Day, “Lee and me trained for weeks under the guidance of action director Oh Sea Young, learning the movements to precision.”

“It was a difficult sequence to shoot because it has hand-to-hand fighting inside a steamy hammam. [Due to the steam], gripping, fending, landing the punches and kicks was a challenge. I don’t think there has been a fight sequence like this featuring two women on screen in India,” she added.

She further added, “I love doing envelope-pushing, risky action sequences on screen and the Tiger franchise has always presented me with the opportunity to take things several notches higher when it comes to being a female action heroine!”

“I have lived the life of a super spy vicariously through Zoya and I love the fact that she is one hell of a fighter! She can take anyone and just like Tiger, she can also be the last person standing! That’s new and exciting for me and for the audience because they can see a woman who can fight as good as a man,” she concluded.

Produced by Aditya Chopra, Tiger 3 features Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif and Emraan Hashmi, is set to release this Diwali, on Sunday, Nov 12 in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.


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