Kartik Aaryan’s Koki Poochega Deals With Mental Health as he Interviews Psychiatrist Geetha Jayaram

The pandemic infused lockdown has made all of us face our own set of problems and challenges professionally and personally as well. The unusual and uncertain times has got all of us worried and also a bit anxious. While the cases have increased of the contagious virus, there has also been a rise of mental health related issues which is rarely spoken about in public by everyone.

Kartik Aaryan's Koki Poochega Deals With Mental Health as he Interviews Psychiatrist Geetha Jayaram

And hence Kartik Aaryan, who loves to be an alert citizen has decided to bring this matter in the forefront. Kartik Aaryan launched the internet-breaking chat show amidst lockdown for a sole purpose to get the masses enlighten about the various issues related to this pandemic.

Today the actor announced the guest of his next episode on Koki Poochega with his signature teaser shared on social media and captioned it saying, “Dikhti nahi, aur bohot tezi se badh rahi hain – Virus se kam nahi hai Mental illnesses ! #KokiPoochega 🤫 Mein Next Psychiatry ki SuperWoman – Dr Geetha Jayaram💪🏻.”.

Aaryan will now interview Dr Geetha Jayaram, a psychiatrist from Johns Hopkins hospital, USA. The psychiatrist has been in practice for more than two decades and specializes in treating mental illness, anxiety disorder, schizophrenia to name a few. Kartik Aaryan’s teaser looks super-interesting and we’re sure this episode will be an eye-opener which will be dropped on the internet on Monday, July 20th.

In the current scenario, while everyone is locked up in their homes and some even living alone, mental health is an important discussion to have. The actor has rightfully invited a leading psychiatrist to speak about the issues which is always pushed under the carpet by most and spoken in hushed whispers.

After interviewing a doctor, a police officer, a nutrionist and even the great Barkha Dutt, Kartik Aaryan’s wise decision to interview a psychiatrist is commendable move. The young lad is considered to be a youth icon of the nation and being a responsible youth icon, the actor always takes the right steps.

Several youngsters face depression or other mental health related illnesses but never have the courage to speak to anyone or seek advice from a doctor, but the actor has surely brought a change. Netizens who have seen the teaser on social media are praising his great effort. Hats off to this rising superstar who always strives to bring a change and take huge efforts for the benefits of the masses.


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