Haemolymph Teaser showcases how an innocent school teacher gets falsely accused

‘Make Injustice Visible’ was one of the famous quotes from the father of the nation ‘Mahatma Gandhi’. Taking inspiration from that debutant director and writer Sudarshan Gamare’s ‘Haemolymph’ based on the false implication which ruined the life of a school teacher named Abdul Wahid Shaikh. The teaser and poster of the same were released today and the film is slated to release in theatres on 27th May 2022. The film also stars debutant Riyaz Anwar who essays the role of Abdul Wahid Shaikh.

Haemolymph Teaser: A thriller drama based on the real-life incidents surrounding Abdul Wahid Shaikh

The teaser showcases how an innocent school teacher gets falsely accused and how his and his family’s life is turned upside down. The poster also echoes the same communication. ‘Haemolymph’ – The invisible blood refers to the spilt blood of people who don’t matter or who are treated as insects.

Commenting on the launch, writer and director Sudarshan Gamare says, “A lot of people told me not to make this film as my first film, but when I heard about Wahid and started reading more, I thought this is an important film which needs to be told. The more I started researching the more engrossed I got and started to think, about how one false implication can spoil not only the person’s life but also others around him. When we decided to make the film, I didn’t want it to be a biopic but I wanted to highlight certain stories whose lives have been ruined”.

Talking about the role debutant actor Riyaz Anwar says, “When Sudarshan approached me with the thought of the film, I immediately jumped onto it. We both did a lot of readings and research, what hit us the most was how one false statement ruined an innocent’s life and the struggle he had to go through for 9 years to get the truth out.

Produced by Tikatbari and AB Films Entertainment in association with Adiman Films, the film is coproduced by ND9 Studios. The film is written and directed by Sudarshan Gamare. The film stars Riyaz Anwar, Rohit Kokate, Ankit Mhatre, Dutta Jadhav, Nilam Kulkarni, Ruchira Jadhav, Sunil Tambe, Vijaya Mahajan and Sagar Pable. Mujtaba Aziz Naza has done the background score the Dop is Rohan Rajan Mapuskar and the film is edited by HM.


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