Dev Anand is a Guiding Light: Sonam Khan’s Heartwarming Post Takes Us BTS of Lashkar

90’s Bollywood Diva Sonam Khan who has worked with one of the biggest names of Bollywood like Rishi Kapoor, Sunny Deol, Chunky Panday, recently took to Instagram to share a heart warming post reflecting on the beautiful moments she shared with the iconic actor Dev Anand while they worked on the film ‘Lashkar’. The post featured a captivating photo from the sets of ‘Lashkar’, where Sonam played the role of Dev Sahaab’s sister.

Dev Anand is a Guiding Light: Sonam Khan's Heartwarming Post Takes Us BTS of Lashkar

In her heartfelt caption, Sonam Khan takes a trip down memory lane, saying “Certain photos remind us of some beautiful moments that we gathered long ago and left us with a smile. This picture is from the sets of Lashkar, where I was playing the role of Dev Sahaab’s sister. My role was a tough nut to crack as I was merely 15 years old and had such intense scenes, but Dev Sahaab was so kind to me that he made me prepare for my take and always got my back.”

Reflecting on the excitement that always surrounded him and his love for films Sonam revealed “He had an enormous love for cinema and was very keen to continue his legacy, which can be seen as his excitement was always over the top. I found myself very fortunate that I got the opportunity to share the screen with someone whom I considered my idol. I am sure that wherever he is, he’ll be singing: Main Zinadagi Ka Saath Nibhaata Chala Gaya, Har Fikr Ko Dhuyein Mein Udaata Chala Gaya.
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Sonam Khan also opened up about how she faced numerous challenges while while working on ‘Lashkar’ when she was only 15 years of age. Sonam Khan revealed that her only solace while working in the intense scenes was in Dev Sahaab’s kindness and support.

Sonam Khan’s heartfelt post pays a tribute to Dev Anand’s influence on her life and career. Sonam beautifully captures the essence of Dev Anand’s legacy through this touching post, ensuring that his spirit lives on and his presence is etched in the hearts of millions.

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