Dance+ Season 6: Shakti Mohan decides to sponsor a contestant’s sister’s lifetime of education!

The sixth season of Dance+ has made a splendid comeback after 2 years. After watching the power-packed performances from the talent across the country, Super Judge Remo D’Souza had a tough time selecting the top 12 contestants of the show.

Dance+ Season 6: Shakti Mohan decides to sponsor a contestant's sister's lifetime of education!

Taking everyone by surprise, Remo selected a top 15, instead of the usual 12. This week, Monday to Wednesday, viewers will witness the grand premiere of the top 15 contestants as they dance their way into your hearts with their breath-taking moves that will have you glued to your screens. As if the show didn’t have enough reasons to watch, we’re giving you another; the God of Dance, Prabhu Deva will grace the sets of Dance+ Season 6 with his larger-than-life opening that will leave everyone in awe.

Besides amping up the entertainment quotient and the free spirit of dance, this season will also witness some of the most inspiring stories of dancers. Contestant Mohammed Hussain from Salman’s team performs an incredible dance act on ice that moves the captains, including Super Judge Remo and special guest/ dance guru Prabhu Deva. On being praised for his impressive dance skills, Mohammed Hussain shares his empowering journey to dance and the obstacles he overcame.

Emphasising how he wants to build a good life for his sister and not let her succumb to the pressures and struggles of life the way he did, he goes on to express his unconditional love for his adopted sister who was not accepted by her biological family and society. His family’s story leaves everyone on the set emotional and teary-eyed.

Inspired by Mohammed Hussain and his mother’s deeds, Shakti Mohan announces that she will contribute to his sister’s finances. The captain says, “Just like you, I want her to study, grow independent and build a name for herself; there should not be any interruptions in her education. And for that, I want to sponsor your sister’s lifetime of education. She should be capable enough to do well in life by herself and one day makes you proud.”

Speaking about it, Captain Salman Y Khan praises the contestant’s mother by saying, “There is heaven beneath a mother’s feet, and if a mother is like yours then we need not wait for death; heaven is right here. It is because of people like you that the world is still revolving or else it would have been destroyed long back.”

Super Judge Remo D’souza gets emotional as he says, “I salute your mother. If every brother becomes a ‘plus’ for his sister, then the sister’s luck will turn around.”


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