What’s Brewing Between Raashii Khanna and Vikrant Massey?

Recently, the film industry has been buzzing with excitement as the talented duo of Raashii Khanna and Vikrant Massey has made headlines, leaving fans wondering if a new project featuring the two is on the horizon.

What's Brewing Between Raashii Khanna and Vikrant Massey?

The excitement began when Bodhayan, a renowned director in the Indian film industry, posted a captivating picture of Raashii Khanna and Vikrant Massey on his Instagram account. What caught everyone’s attention, even more, was his glowing praise in the caption, where he hailed their incredible chemistry and acting prowess.

Adding fuel to the fire of speculation, Raashii Khanna and Vikrant Massey were spotted together at a production office not too long ago. The sighting raised many questions about what could be in the works. Could it be a new film, a web series, or something entirely different? Only time will tell.

Raashii Khanna, known for her versatility, has starred in a series of successful films. Her upcoming works include the film starring Siddu Jonnalgadda called “Telusu Kada” which attracted a lot of attention with it’s recently released teaser. Also Dharma Production’s “Yodha” will be releasing on 8th December, Raashii Khanna will be seen opposite Sidharth Malhotra soon.

Vikrant Massey, on the other hand, has carved a niche for himself with his remarkable performances. His upcoming projects include “12th Fail“.


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