Twinjabi duo release music video for ‘Talk of the Town, ‘get the fans vibin’!

2021 has not only been a busy but a fruitful year for the Twinjabi brothers. With the successful release of their superhit music video ‘Desi Dons,’ the best twin singers internationally are on an absolute roll!

Twinjabi duo release music video for 'Talk of the Town, 'get the fans vibin'!

The duo launched their second music video this year, ‘Talk of the town’ and the fans are loving it! Fans poured in their love by posting the music video on their Instagram stories. #Twinjabi has more than 500 reels on Instagram and their fandom keeps on growing day by day.

Kush and Neil of Twinjabi are excited about the launch of the music video. They say, “‘Talk of the town’ is about two long lost lovers and we dedicate this all the couples who are physically apart due to the ongoing crisis. We really hope the situation gets better soon and the world restores normalcy and people can go out freely, love freely. The lyrics of the song conveys the true affinity of love, of how it binds two people together.”

“We have mentioned this earlier, our fans have taught us the power of art. It has been inspiring for us to know that people have been training, working out listening to our songs. We assure our fans that every piece that comes from us shall be something new, unique. We ardently believe in quality and are solely dedicated towards bringing some great music to our fans. We are truly grateful to the ‘Twinjabi Gang’ for their constant love and support.”

Recently the duo posted an Instagram story which led to speculations of the duo’s shoot in Hollywood. The Twinjabi duo enjoys an international fan base and plans on visiting Mumbai too. Their fan base has been aggressively growing globally. The twin singers are already on their way to win hearts globally, represent India on a global level having been featured alongside global stalwarts like Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Eminem amongst others in vH1’s top 10 list.


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