Sri Ramadootha Stotram From Hanu-Man: It Will Surely Give You Goosebumps

Sri Ramadootha Stotram from director Prasanth Varma’s movie Hanuman from Cinematic Universe was released on Wednesday (January 3). This hymn from the movie, in which Teja Sajja is playing the title role, is giving goosebumps. Gourahari has provided the music for it.

Sri Ramadootha Stotram from Hanu-Man: It Will Surely Give You Goosebumps

Sai Charan Bhaskaruni, Lokeshwar Eidara and Harshvardhan Chavali sang this hymn from Hanuman movie. It is a privilege to release this stotra by displaying Hanuman’s bravery and power in the form of 3D images. This hymn, which is called Ram Ram Ram Raktavarnam, sounds very solemn. It can be said that the music is the highlight of this stotra.

Along with Gaurahari, Anudeep Dev and Krishna Saurabh are also providing music for this Hanuman movie. Niranjan Reddy is producing this movie under Primeshow Entertainment banner. The makers are planning to hold a grand pre-release event before that. Director Prashanth Varma recently explained about the story of this movie and his cinematic universe.

He checked the rumors about this Hanuman story. He said that Teja Sajjadi is the character of an ordinary person, but the story of the movie is about how Hanuman saves his town and the world with the super power he gets. Moreover, he also said that he is planning 12 movies with Hindu deities as superheroes in his cinematic universe.

Hanuman movie is going to release on January 12.


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