Salman Khan Back Out From Karan Johar’s ‘The Bull’ Due To These Reasons?

Bad news for all Salman Khan’s fan! The actor and Karan Johar’s dream team-up for The Bull appears to not be happening at all. The film was initially slated to go on floors in November 2023, but then delayed to January, subsequently February, and then May.

Salman Khan Back Out From Karan Johar's 'The Bull' Due To These Reasons?

Now, A recent report suggests that Khan has completely stepped away from the project, and “the army film is shelved from his end.”

A source close told Bollywood Hungama, “After a lot of back and forth on the dates, Karan and Vishnu were still not able to commit to the exact timelines of the shoot. That’s when Salman conveyed his decision to back out from the project. Salman politely informed his decision to Karan.”

The source added, Bhai said, “Destiny doesn’t want this film to happen, so let’s move on.’ Karan is exploring newer ideas for a collaboration with Salman.”

Karan also understands Salman’s point of view as they have been just discussing the dates for over a year now but have not reached any conclusion. “He might give another try to make Bull a reality but at the moment, the army film is shelved from Salman’s end. If Karan can commit to a certain timeline on paper, he might come back and try his luck to relaunch the project.”

Directed by Vishnuvardhan, the now-uncertain film is based on a true story.


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