Saira Banu Remembers Moments of Lifetime with Nanda Taai

The friendship between Saira Banu and Nanda Taai is a rare example of true friendship in Bollywood. Delving deeper into their bond, Saira Banu recently took to Instagram to share a set of memories she had of her bond with Nanda Taai, promising more in the days to come. Staying true to her promise, the actress continued her post cherishing memories of a lifetime spent with Nanda Taai, and reminiscing about the profound connection they shared.

Saira Banu Remembers Moments of Lifetime with Nanda Taai

As she dived into her memories, Saira Banu shared a fond moment from the early days of their friendship, saying “As time passed, I felt very comfortable in Nanda Taai’s company for she was not ‘put-on’ or pretentious in any way. We started to meet in our respective homes, she became very fond of my mother, and grandmother and I was drawn towards ‘Sushila Aaiee’ (Nanda Taai’s Mother) who, like my own mother, had given it all to bring up her family single-handedly. My home Mashallah has been synonymous with good Desi Cuisine and I discovered that both our families were fond of eating. At festivals, we visited each other and Sushila Aaiee gave beautiful hand-made gifts to me. I still treasure a little handbag made of green beads and small sequins boxes filled with Sankranti sweets with a note ‘Til Gud Khawa Ani God God Bola’. It was evident that Sushila Aaiee treated me as a daughter.”

Furthermore, sharing a detailed insight of how close the two were, she added, “Nanda Taai treated me like a sister and added ‘Raja’ to my name. It was my pleasure to put together beautifully created embroidered outfits for her as she took no trouble to wear special things. These outfits were appreciated by her friends. Once, for ‘Gudi Padwa’ I sent her a white outfit because she wore only white after the demise of Manmohan Desai. I sent this outfit on the 22nd of March 2014. As soon as she received it she sent me an ‘sms’ that ‘I have no words, it is so beautiful, God bless you, Saira’. I will surely wear this as soon as possible. Later that night she spoke to me at length sounding as happy as a chirping bird.”

She continued, saying, “The next morning there was Waheeda Aapa’s call and I told her, “What a wonderful Morning that you have called me up so early today” to which she replied, “No Saira, It is not a wonderful day”. I hate to tell you that Nanda has collapsed early this morning and passed away. I could not believe this news and rushed to her residence at Versova to find her lying majestically on her bed motionless with a smile on her face. Alas! I saw her draped in the outfit. I had just seen her wearing my gift joda and they had covered her with a heavy dupatta which she had told me the previous night Saira Raja this is so heavy and beautiful but I will surely wear it.”

In an emotional closing note, Saira Banu spoke about how much she missed her late friend, adding “Our friendship lasted out well in thick and thin but I miss her, a friend with whom I could share any confidence in the world.”

Saira Banu’s post speaks volumes about the bond she shared with actress Nanda, a friendship built on mutual trust and understanding between two contemporaries who valued each other greatly. Through Saira Banu’s words, we not only remember the iconic actress but also celebrate the everlasting bond between two of the biggest actresses of that era in Bollywood.

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