Ram Charan celebrates Director Shankar’s birthday on ‘Game Changer’ set!

In a heartwarming display of camaraderie, global star Ram Charan extended warm wishes to his esteemed director, Shanmugham Shankar, on the occasion of the director’s birthday. The duo amidst the hustle and bustle on the sets of their much-anticipated movie ‘Game Changer’, also starring Kiara Advani, took a special moment out to celebrate.

Ram Charan celebrates Director Shankar's birthday on 'Game Changer' set!

Capturing the essence of the moment, Ram Charan took to his Instagram account to share a captivating snapshot of the festivities.

Accompanying the mesmerizing image was a heartfelt caption penned by the actor himself, which read, “Dear @shanmughamshankar sir, your guidance and support truly elevated the entire work experience! Thank you so much for this opportunity, sir la da! Wishing you the happiest birthday.”

This gesture not only highlighted the strong bond between Ram Charan and director Shanmugham Shankar but also provided a glimpse into the collaborative and joyous environment that exists behind the scenes of ‘Game Changer’.

With the film generating buzz, this celebration serves as a reminder of the teamwork and positive relationships that contribute to a successful project.


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