Raashii Khanna: “I am not any angel but I atleast try to be a good person”

The queen that rules hearts and is very warm as a person; Raashii Khanna is recently gearing up for the release of her upcoming film Thank You along with Chay Akkineni. The actress is in full swing of promotions for the movie.

Raashii Khanna: "I am not any angel but I atleast try to be a good person"

Just how the name suggests, “Thank you” the movie has given several people an opportunity to be grateful for that they have. Taking a moment and this opportunity, Raashii Khanna too took it to her Instagram account and expressed what she feels she is grateful for.

The actress says, “I am so thankful for the heart that god has blessed me with because I know there is kindness in it and I know that I am not capable of hurting someone on purpose. So I think I am very grateful that god has blessed me with this heart for making me the kind of person that I’m today. Of-course I am not any angel but I at least try to be a good person and that strength or wanting to be a good person comes from above. It’s not my doing. Thank you!”

Now we know why the actress rules hearts everywhere she goes! Raashii Khanna who has an extremely kind soul has been getting immense love from her fans. Recently one of her fans even got her autograph tattooed on his hand!

Gathering love and appreciative response from everywhere, Raashii Khanna is now going to step a strong foot in B-town too. Fans are already excited for her big release Yodha alongside Siddharth Malhotra and web series with Shahid Kapoor.


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