Peg Daariya: Adhyayan Suman introduces the Friendship Anthem of the year!

After the humoungous success of ‘Aashram’, where he played the popular rockstar Tinka Singh, Adhyayan Suman is back with his single ‘Peg Daariya’, a song presented by Zee Music.

Peg Daariya: Adhyayan Suman introduces the Friendship Anthem of the year!

Bringing you the friendship anthem of the year, ‘Peg Daariya’ takes you through a journey of heartbreak and liberation, all while making you get up and dance! With vocals by Adhyayan Suman and Ruchika Chauhan, lyrics by Avinash Chouhan and music by Yash Chauhan, ‘Peg Daariya’ is a feel-good song that makes for the perfect listening to pick you up.

Featuring Adhyayan Suman, Karan Lall, Mallaikaa Ch and Maera Mishra, the music video directed by Rayhaan Patni, takes audiences through an adventurous road trip of self-discovery while recovering from a breakup and embracing friendship. Shot at exclusive, hidden local gems in the country, ”Peg Daariya” explores the undying and fighting human spirit.

Talking about the song says Adhyayan Suman, “After the grim year we’ve all had, ‘Peg Daariya’ is the kind of song that uplifts your spirit. It’s truly the friendship anthem of the year and we were fortunate to have such a great team on board that made all of this possible. This song reiterates that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel and everything you want is just an attitude-change away.”

Presented by Zee Music and produced by Adhyayan Suman and Vikaas Gutgutia, ‘ Peg Daariya’ will be out on across all Zee Music platforms soon.


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