On World Wildlife Day, Pulkit Samrat shares unseen images from his film upcoming Haathi Mere Saathi

Pulkit Samrat took to his instagram and shared a picture of him with Unni, the elephant and shared a heartfelt note that caught his fans attention. He wrote, “For me, this ain’t just a title of my movie anymore. It stands true to the time I shared with this gentle beast. Meet Unni the elephant; playful, gentle, understanding and more human than any human I know. I feel blessed to spend a year and a half in the forest with this beautiful soul. We shared our meals quite often.

On World Wildlife Day, Pulkit Samrat shares unseen images from his film upcoming Haathi Mere Saathi

Really..!! I used to have red rice with sambhar while I fed him huge red rice balls mixed with jaggery. I remember once I was having an apple and I offered him one. He smelled it and to my shock threw it away! I offered him another apple. He did the same. Then my director @prabusolomonofficial sir came to me and explained me that the fruits that we eat are usually adulterated with chemicals and wax is applied on them to give them the expensive shine.

Animals are very smart at noticing when nature’s products have been tampered with. He took another apple, cleaned it up, wiped off all the wax and offered it to Unni. This time the mighty elephant took the apple and enjoyed it. Made me realise how much we humans tamper with the nature and it’s beauty.

This planet ain’t ours alone. It’s to share with all life forms. We can be highly educated but the wild ones know better about how to respect Mother Earth and it’s offerings. I wish, we understand this before it’s too late and our blunders cost us our beautiful planet and the life on it. Let’s work with the nature, rather than against it. #WorldWildlifeDay #wwd2021″

The official trailer of Haathi Mere Saathi, will release tomorrow and we are excited to watch it on the big screen on 26th March 2021. It has been directed by Prabhu Solomon and stars Rana Daggubati, Shriya Pilgaonkar and Zoya Hussain.


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