Malishka Mendonsa ‘Mumbai Ki Rani’ The Epitome of Women Empowerment

On International Women’s Day as we celebrate some of the most powerful woman we know, we can certainly not miss one of the greatest influencer, Malishka Mendonsa. She is an immensely admired and followed personality who is also referred to as ‘Mumbai Ki Rani’.

Malishka Mendonsa 'Mumbai Ki Rani' The Epitome of Women Empowerment

Malishka is know for her strong opinions on social causes, unique style and for her fierce attitude ! She has become a youth icon for many and instantly connects with the masses, leaving a deep impact on them.

She is constantly involved in the societal issues and assures her voice is heard! Malishka has set an example for women empowerment and has become an idol for many through her social work. She recently won Dada Saheb Phalke Award for ‘RJ Of The Year and undoubtedly she truly deserves it.

Malishka has not just conquered the radio industry but is also a talented TV host, performer and now an actor. Malishka is seen celebrating everyday as Women’s Day by empowering and encouraging other women to speak up against the issues they face.

She has started a new show to help the underprivileged through her ‘Bajao for cause’. Apart from that she also started a campaign of #MainBhi (MeToo) where she shared some stirring stories from her childhood and passionately empowered women to combat it with the need of awareness and feminism.

Malishka, who is known to break stereotypes continues to inspire many and has also become a role model for many in no time.


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