Madhubala Biopic Announced: Darlings’ Director Jasmeet K Reen To Helm The Film; More Deets Inside

Sony Pictures International Productions, India, announced today a new endeavor, an enthralling biographical film dedicated to the illustrious icon of Indian cinema, Madhubala. This eagerly awaited undertaking is poised to pay a heartfelt tribute to Madhubala’s extraordinary life and her indelible influence on the realm of Indian cinema.

Madhubala Biopic Announced: Darlings' Director Jasmeet K Reen To Helm The Film; More Deets Inside

The studio has signed Jasmeet K Reen, who impressed audiences and critics alike with her debut feature film Darlings starring Alia Bhatt.

Affectionately dubbed the ‘Venus of Indian Cinema,’ Madhubala endeared herself to millions through her timeless elegance, exceptional artistry, and captivating screen charisma. The studio is developing the cinematic journey and will illuminate her unparalleled talent, a profound influence on the cinematic landscape, and the challenges she confronted as a woman navigating the complexities of the entertainment industry during her era.

The team is dedicated to capturing Madhubala’s essence authentically, approaching the task with profound sincerity and respect for her legacy. The film is produced by Sony Pictures International Productions and Brewing Thoughts Pvt. Ltd. (Prashant Singh and Madhurya Vinay) with whom the studio has already started working on India’s biggest superhero trilogy, ‘Shaktimaan’. Madhubala’s sister Madhur Brij Bhushan and Arvind Kumar Malviya (Madhubala Ventures) are co-producers on the film.

The search for the perfect actress to embody the elegance, charm, and exceptional talent that defined Madhubala’s legendary aura is currently in progress for the biographical film. Renowned for its history of successful cinematic ventures, the studio is committed to multiple theatrical releases in India.


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