Jennifer: Rakul Preet Singh’s brother Aman Preet Singh and Producer Kriesha Koul to make Bollywood Debut – Details Inside

Actor-Producer Kreisha Koul headlined Karishmatic Sea Studios Private Limited is billed as a powerhouse of musical film production. Now once again it is all set to mesmerize audiences with their latest cinematic gem, ‘Jennifer’. This female-oriented musical film, enriched with the magic of T-Series music. The film features the impressive debut of Kriesha Koul and Aman Preet Singh, under the creative direction of the visionary filmmaker, Charan Tez.

Jennifer: Rakul Preet Singh's brother Aman Preet Singh and Producer Kriesha Koul to make Bollywood Debut - Details Inside

“Jennifer” is a compelling tale of music, passion, and empowerment that transcends boundaries and resonates with audiences of all ages. It boasts some stellar performances and encapsulates the essence of womanhood and the pursuit of dreams set against the backdrop of captivating melodies and a heartwarming narrative.

As a young producer Kriesha has already carved a niche for herself and now “Jennifer” is a testament to her dedication to storytelling and bringing exceptional narratives to the silver screen. Karishmatic Sea Studios’ in collaboration with T-Series has given birth to a magical musical score for “Jennifer”. With a fusion of soul-stirring melodies and soulful vocals, the film’s soundtrack promises to strike a chord with the audience.

Kriesha will be portraying a young woman who sets on a journey of self-discovery. Accompanying her on this soulful journey is Aman4 Preet Singh, adding depth and authenticity to the film. Charan Tez’s distinct directorial style breathes life into the characters, creating a cinematic experience that touches the soul.

Elated about the project, Kriesha Koul shares, “Working on “Jennifer” has been an incredible learning experience. This film celebrates the power of music and the strength of women, and I feel blessed to be a part of it. Collaborating with the talented Aman Preet Singh and being directed by Charan Tez has been a dream come true.”

As the excitement builds, audiences can look forward to being transported into a world of mesmerizing melodies, heartfelt performances, and the artistic brilliance of “Jennifer”. Stay tuned for further updates on the film’s release date, and follow Karishmatic Sea Studios on their official social media platforms to witness the magic unfold behind the scenes.


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