Jawan: Music Rights of Shah Rukh Khan’s Action Drama Acquired By T-Series At THIS Whopping Price?

In an unprecedented deal, the music rights of the highly anticipated Shah Rukh Khan film Jawan, also starring Nayanthara and Vijay Sethupathi, helmed by renowned director Atlee Kumar have been sold for an astounding Rs 36 crores to the music label T-Series.

Jawan: Music Rights of Shah Rukh Khan's Action Drama Acquired By T-Series At THIS Whopping Price?

The fierce competition for these rights witnessed several major players vying for the deal, but it was T-Series’ astronomical bid that emerged as a winner, securing the highly sought-after music rights of Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan.

The jaw-dropping Rs 36 crores deal for the music rights of ‘Jawan’ has shattered all previous records in the industry, reaffirming Shah Rukh Khan’s unrivaled dominance and star power. Taking to social media, a media house shared “Mega #EXCLUSIVE: Jawan Music Rights Sold For ALL TIME Record Price of 36 Crores To T-Series, Shah Rukh Khan Dominance Continues! “

The film is already generating immense buzz among cinephiles and has become the talk of the town with this new agreement. Jawan is poised to be a cinematic spectacle, combining the talents of Shah Rukh Khan, Nayanthara, and Vijay Sethupathi with the directorial finesse of Atlee Kumar.

The film is set to deliver an enthralling narrative, filled with emotions, action, and gripping storytelling. Releasing on 7th September .


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