Jawan: Atlee Reveals Why Shah Rukh Khan Starrer Has Multiple Plot Lines – Read Here

Jawan, the biggest blockbuster of Indian cinema, continuing to perform well at the box office. In a recent conversation with Film Companion, film director Atlee reveals why “Jawan’ has multiple plot and lines.

Jawan: Atlee Reveals Why Shah Rukh Khan Starrer Has Multiple Plot Lines - Read Here

Atlee shared, “Our audience has diverse tastes. Certain people will love the father-daughter scenes, some will love the action bit, some will love the emotional bits, something you will take from the film. The ‘ensemblity’ will make you satisfied. That is my rhythm. I need multiple stories, I need multiple plots to make a film. For instance, if you go to a village carnival, you will have a giant wheel, you will have dosa happening, and at the end of the day, when you come out of it, you will be like ‘superb.’ So, my films should have entertainment and when you go back, you should be like, ‘Yeah, I have learnt something.’ Overall, it should entertain, that’s my principle on making a film.”

On the topic of how violence is depicted in Jawan, Atlee clarified, “Violence is defined by the way it is shown on the screen. It should create an impact but it should not be gory. That’s my evaluation. It depends on the genre and the pain you have to give to your audience. The puppy with whom we shot, his name was Bunty and it was amazing to act with him. When we would tell him to lie down, he will do that. It was painful for me to see him get killed on the screen too, but we were trying to give hard-hitting scenes. I want to appeal to the 6 to 60 audience and I measure it well. Without injection you can’t cure a fever, so sometimes injections are okay, if it has a reason and a responsibility.”

Discussing his frequent use of slow-motion shots, Atlee explained, “More than a match, you like to watch a reply. So, it’s a mood. It’s not a new shot division that I have cracked. I have a different aesthetics to it, and when I punctuate it, I do it in a phantom. I think phantom will always be there in my films. It works for the audience and it works for me as well. I love it.”

In the Shah Rukh Khan, Nayanthara and Vijay Sethupathi starrer film Jawan, Deepika Padukone is also seen in a cameo appearance. The movie, directed and written by Atlee, was released on September 7th this year.


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